Finally, my first post!

Its been two months since I have wanted to write my first post and I’ve failed consistently.  And each time I questioned myself why, I ended up with the same answer.  Its because I’ve been waiting for something spectacular to happen with which I’d begin my blog,  but that something spectacular never really happened.  Now that I look back at the past two months, I realise its not entirely true.

I got accepted to a top European business school and I accepted the offer. I will head to Europe in August for my MBA.  After a l~~~ong time, I find myself in love with a wonderful lady, albeit she has no clue about my love, not that she’d care if she knew or may be she would or may be not.. yeah you get the point by now.. that story for later.  I visited Geneva and met some very accomplished and experienced folks.  And the pressure to get married has been building ever so steadily at home.  These are significant and life changing (alright altering) events and I still did not post my first entry.  Bottom line, I’ve been procrastinating.  Here’s my first.


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