The best love letter


It was the best love letter ever. Given that the girl was in a committed relationship and as far as I could tell from our conversations, she had absolutely no interest in me what so ever, it was pretty tricky to confess love and yet come out of it with some dignity. I think I did pretty damn well. Obviously, the reply was on the expected lines. She was as polite as possible and said she is flattered but there is no future since she is already in a relationship and I’m in a transition period myself. Well, OK – that part was sad and I was down for a couple of hours. But then, when I look back, there is a BIG positive in all this. I actually am looking forward to the future. I’m pretty sure I’ll fall in love again given the way that Love is. The good thing is I’m ready. I’ve been going through a terrible dry period with my heart, finding it so hard to fall in love which is very unlike me (the “me” six years back) and now I know the romantic me is back… I’m a proud rooster!


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