Mom and I



Mom : wants a wife for me, who will cook for me and listen to me all the time. A girl who shall never question my decisions, who shall follow me.
I : want a partner who I can take care of and who will add value to my life. A woman intelligent enough to question every decision I make, intelligently :)

Mom: wants me to build a house (i.e. get into debt)
I: want to travel the world (i.e. need liquidity)

Mom: wants me to live and work in India forever and have a happy traditional family
I: want to work in a multinational headquarters (i.e. live away from India at least half of my remaining life)

She is the most important person of my life and I can’t find a way to make us both happy. Our desires appear irreconcilable. I can either choose to be selfish (which will make me sad because it means my mom will be sad) or make her happy (which again means I will be sad). I wonder if an MBA can teach me crack this puzzle.


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