Hurry!! Its time to Marry

My work colleague told me he’s under significant pressure to get married. I found out that he’s been postponing the marriage for four years and his girlfriend and her parents cannot take it anymore. So, he’ll bite the dust in May. Well, it’s got to happen some day, so what’s the big deal? The problem is he’s been studying mighty hard for his exam which happens to fall on the day of the marriage. These exams are VERY important to him and looks like he’ll have to let it go this year (Cant he postpone the marraige by a day or two? No, he can’t and it’s an Indian thing… so just take my word for it). And then he said something which hit a chord. He said “Time passes fast, you always think I’m not there yet and all of the sudden you realize you cannot procrastinate anymore and then there is no choice but to get it done”. “Get it done”?! Damn, that is not how a marriage is supposed to be. Am I heading this direction?


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