Nightmare in a Nightmare!!!

Its 630 AM and just woke up from a nightmare (Layer 1) in which I had a nightmare (Layer 2). In Layer 2, I have been married for a month and I can’t remember my wife’s face. I’m shocked. Then, to my horror, I realize that I can’t recall her name either. I then check to see if she is sleeping next to me and find out that I’m on a single leaf (I guess that was my bed) and she is sleeping on the floor. Apparently this happened because my marraige was arranged in which I hardly spoke to her before marriage. I wake up from this terrible Layer 2 nightmare and fall into Layer 1.

In Layer 1, its morning and I’ve just woken up from a nightmare and my mom tells me we have to go see a girl (she is arranging the marriage). I tell her everything about the Layer 2 nightmare and tell her that’s exactly how this is going to turn out if she forces me into a marriage just for the sake of it. My father in the mean time is smiling at our conversation and tells me “Son, who is that friend of yours in US who just passed his CA. He should know some nice girls, why don’t you ask him to hook you up?” Ah! My smart dad. By the way, this is the first ever dream in which my father is not drunk or emotionally blackmailing me. Irreversible scars from past.


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