Pessimism in contagious



Given my family history, I think it is understandable that my mom is pessimistic about me quitting my job to pursue an MBA. Today, she had a number of questions for me. Do you really have enough money for the course? Will you surely get a scholarship? What kind of company will you have during your studies? What if you don’t get a scholarship or a loan? Will you surely get a job after an MBA? These were question coming out of genuine concern. After all, she is witnessing some normalcy in life after ten long years and now I’m shaking it all over again by leaving her alone for one whole year. These questions also arise because she is not aware of how an MBA will influence my life in the long term. Let’s just say she is pessimistic about the MBA.


It’s hard to stay positive when you have to stand on your own with absolutely no support and also have a dependent to care of. All my common sense tells me that pursuing an MBA is a wise decision and yet when my mom shows here vulnerability, it gives me shivers. Irrational thoughts like what if I fall terribly sick during MBA takes over and I get a mild panic attack. Well, if everything was arranged nicely for me, it wouldn’t be fun, would it.


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