The “African Famine” attitude

Reach your goals

I’m definitely going through an intellectual famine. Its sort of like, I know my brain isn’t working as efficiently as it has in the past. The phrase “be happy with what you have” is deceptive. I was talking to my mom about my materialistic goals… the big house, the nice car, the world travel etc. As a response, she said “be happy with what you have”… I’ve heard this phrase a LOT before and there is nothing more demotivating than to receive advice from your dear ones that you must be happy with what you have. It immediately put me in a mindset where I thought about the lesser fortunate people in the world. I thought about people living in poverty, unhealthy or physically handicapped, people living in constant fear of violence and then I felt I have no right to want more out of my life. I have a perfectly healthy body, I earn more than I need and I’m certain about my freedom. Is it even fair to want more? I felt may be my mom was right, I should be happy with what I have.

I spoke about this to my colleague and he explained it this way:
If we assume what you want to achieve will in someway contribute to making you a better person and therefore will help people around you, then give your best to achieve all that. It is completely fine that some of those aspects you want to achieve will be materialistic. If your very best is not good enough, then the phrase “be happy with you what you have” holds good. On the other hand, if you begin with the attitude of being happy with what you want without even trying to reach your goals, that just makes you a born looser.

It’s just that simple. Excuse the language… but I have no clue why the hell on earth I didn’t think about it this way.


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