200 $ trip for 1 $ stamp!!

I absolutely need more motivation than an MBA to go through the ordeal of Belgian student visa. Turns out Belgian consulate won’t trust the local police clearance certificate unless it carries an “apostille” issued by ministry of external affairs (MEA)!!!! This stamp costs 1$ and I think I might have to spend 200$ to travel all the way to Delhi to receive this stamp. Plain Stupid!!

Out of curiosity, I checked how the French and Germans deal with the genuineness of certificates. French are nice, aren’t they? they trust common men more than bureaucracy, so they don’t care about the flashy apostille. Germans are more efficient, they just need signature on a document which reads “if you ever find out that I lied on my application, you are so welcome to kick my ass out of Germany”. But Belgians… oh so sophisticated!! *shrug* common grow up!

Well, I’ll call the consulate and MEA to find out more info… hopefully, it’s not as bad an ordeal as I think it is.


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