Economist 2008 MBA ranking: Click here

The latest MBA rankings have been published by Economist. Vlerick is ranked 14 (Up 7 places from 21 last year). As much as we like to beleive that prospective MBA students choose schools based on qualitative aspects of an MBA program, the truth is that a “lot” of the students choose their program without visiting the campus or spending much time talking people who are directly connected to the school. So, rankings matter!! and the new ranking is fantastic news for Vlerick. But that is not really the point of this post. I saw that Vlerick is ranked especially high in terms of potential to network. Its ranked number 3 in the world. I just want to assert that there is a strong reason for this.

All MBA students attended a networking “brunch” event with their mentors in the morning today. The mentors were chosen based on the students’ interests and the experience of the mentors. I went in thinking that it would be a mere ritual. I wasn’t able to comprehend why busy professionals would take so much interest in our career/life success. I was wrong.. sooo wrong. These mentors are genuine. I think for them its not just a matter of mentoring. All of them are highly successful people with a lot of professional achievement behind them. For them, it was about sharing this experience, sharing their knowledge and giving back, they do it whole-heartedly. Its also about building a professional network and creating a strong alumni networking. They are passionate about this. Some mentors travelled all the way from Paris to be part of the event in Leuven. This is just one example, the MBA year is packed with networking events with corporates, recruiters, business speakers, other students.. on an average, there is atleast one networking event every week or two. In one month, I have a mentor who is a CEO of an IT consulting company, I will have dinner with potential recruiters to discuss career possibilities and I have met and have been invited to get in touch with two business authors and the student network is pretty exciting too. All that I want to say is that irrespective of the number (ranking) game, in my opinion, networking opputunities in Vlerick is hard to beat.

Nothing is served on a silver plate in an MBA year, but the leverage that can be gained through tools and resources provided by the school are significant. All that the student needs is to use them and most importantly know what he/she wants out of the network!


2 thoughts on “Fourteen

  1. Hi,
    I am considering an MBA at Vlerick (seems to be #1 in Belgium). I found your feedback very relevant for me. Thx.
    In your opinion what is the main difference between a FT vs PT MBA at Vlerick? Is the FT MBA so much better as supported by its higher ranking?

  2. Hi JP,

    The courses are exactly the same in terms of course material. the Professors seem to be different in certain cases, but by and large they are the same too.

    The course lenght is different ofcourse (PT is 2 years compared to 1 year FT course). The main difference seems to be that there is no dedicated career services for PT MBA. If you are planning to switch careers (difficult these days :) ) or switch companies… I’d suggest you consider the FT MBA.


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