An open mind

The payback from MBA is positively correlated to how much time and effort students invests into each course. The correlation function between students’ investment and their expertise is a bell shaped curve. The lower the expertise, the lower the time and effort students invest (Like lawyers learning statistics). As they get into the courses in which they have some expertise but not complete knowledge yet, they put in maximum effort (like accountants learning economics). As we move along the curve we reach a stage in which students expertise is too high (Like an accountancy course for a CPA) and the investment of time and effort drops again. 

The maximum value from an MBA can be gotten only if students become well rounded in all domains of business and therefore correlation between successful MBAs and “equal and high” attention to each course is directly related. An open mind is key to getting the best out of an MBA. I wonder how many students get maximum value out of their MBA year?

Anycase, we just finished the statistics course today and throughout the course students have been introduced to meaningful ways of using statistics to make informed decisions. I came accorss this youtube video which truly was a useful and meaningful way of using statistics.


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