Four or Five days!

If god were to grant two wishes, my first wish will be to keep my mom safe and happy. I guess its because I constantly worry about how she is doing without me. My second wish is equaly important, but then its not important for this post : ) My mom’s happiness is wholly my responsibility. One of the metrics of “how much my mom misses me” is how frequently she calls me. Before I left India, she told me we should talk atleast once everyday even if only for a few seconds. But lately I’m realising that its always me who calls her. 

Yesterday aswell, I called and asked her why she hadn’t called me in 3 days and she said, there was nothing important to talk about!! Well, after the conversation, before dropping the phone, I told her to call me the next time. Her reply was – “OK, I’ll call you in 4 or 5 days”. I dropped the phone and burst out laughing : ) Such a reply was unimaginable a month back. Is her happiness indeed more independent of me? Did god grant me my first wish? or is just that I dont understand women at all? Most likely it is the latter.

Incredible. Yes, Incredible indeed and that’s why I dont beleive it.


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