For the sake of argument

Every personality test I’ve attempted seems to suggest that I like to argue simply for the sake of argument. I knew this intuitively. Recently, I put my intuition to test on three different occasions : ) Firstly about why I believe European Union will disintegrate due to the current financial crisis, then about why Piracy is ethical and I won’t even dare mention the third communist idea about blue and white collar jobs : )

On the outset, all the arguments are flawed. It’s similar to proving 1=2 by assuming that a=b. Most people don’t realise that it is a flawed assumption and end up pondering how did he just prove that : ) Yes, It’s cheap thrills, but I must admit I seem to like arguing just for the sake of argument.

One of the advantage seems to be that I have absolutely no emotional attachment to the case which I’m arguing for because I myself don’t believe either in EU disintegration or the ethical values of piracy. So, these arguments end up being a wonderfully process of exercising rationality and creativity : )

By the way, just in case you forgot how it was done, here is the proof : )


2 thoughts on “For the sake of argument

  1. interesting indeed…

    dividing by zero is not allowed !
    in this case, since a=b,

    only if you violate certain rules, and people are not aware of it, you can make people believe that 2 = 1 !

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