Why manage time?


I’m amazed about how receptive the Vlerick staff is towards feedback from students. Every input (whether complaints or suggestions) have been responded to immediately. Recently, we mentioned that managing time was increasingly difficult as the course progressed and the school immediately responded by arranging a speaker session about time management by a famous author. The session was truly insightful.

I sometimes fall into the trap of thinking “what is the point of time management which requires rigorous discipline all the time if, at the end, it only means that we make more money?”… Very easy trap to fall into.

Today I watched a truly inspirational video by Randy Pausch about time management. He did this lecture after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and he knew he had only a couple of months to live at the time of delivering this lecture. I wil not dare evaluate such an extraordinary circumstance and speech. All that I know is that after watching this video, I’m absolutely certainly sure I will never fall into that trap ever again. To hear about time management from a man who has very less time left in his life is an eye opener. Randy Pausch is no more. May his soul rest in peace.


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