No fairy tales


As the MBA year progresses, we realise there are no fairy tales in the MBA case studies. Every case study has a hidden conflict or “issue”. Even if everything seems to be fine, we find out during class discussion or later that there was an issue that we missed. It makes sense since problem solving and decision making is a big part of the MBA learning.

However, there are times when the last thing I want to see is conflicts or issues. Today, I’m supposed to read a case about entrepreneurial venture and even before I read it, I know there is a conflict. One of the partners wanted to sell off the company or may be there is a price negotiation or may be the bank does not want to provide a loan… I know there is something in there…

After the attacks in India on 26/11, I felt may be this MBA wont make me thing about it too much.. but the fact is that it occupies my mind most of the times. Its depressing… truly depressing


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