Sex sells!

I just noticed that our first class after the christmas break is Marketing. Ofcourse, we will learn about value proposition and market segmentation and tons of interesting stuff. We will probably even touch on the Long tail concept.. but, my experiment with this long post is fairly simple… does sex sell : ) well, actually it sure does… the question is how much does it sell… So, here’s a post about sex, and we’ll see how many hits it receives !      



Sex Creates Diversity!!

“On human nature” is a pulitzer prize winning book by Edward O. Wilson which gave birth to the field of evolutionary psychology. I’m not sure what made me buy this book back in 2005. It gathered dust on my book shelf for 2 years because it was beyond my comprehension, but all that changed once I stumbled upon the chapter called “sex”… lol. Its amazing how sex can put things into context more quickly than the speed of light. Here is a transcript from the book. not sleazy, but still an interesting read.

“Sex is central to human biology and a protean phenomenon that permeates every aspect of our existence… its complexity and ambiguity is due to the fact that sex is not designed primarily for reproduction. Evolution has devised much more efficient ways for creatures to multiply than the complicated procedures of mating and fertilization. Bacteria simply divide in two… If multiplication were the only purpose of reproductive behavior, our mammalian ancestors could have evolved without sex.

Nor is the primary function of sex the giving and receiving of pleasure. The vast majority of animal species perform the sexual act mechanically and with minimal foreplay. Pairs of protozoan form sexual unions without the benefit of a nervous system… Pleasure is at best an enabling device for animals to copulate, a means for inducing creatures with versatile nervous systems to make the heavy investment of time and energy required for courtship, sexual intercourse, and parenting.

Moreover, sex is in every sense a gratuitously consuming and risky activity… They are energetically expensive and even dangerous, to the degree that the more ardent are put at greater risk of being killed by rivals or predators…

Thus sex by itself lends no straightforward Darwinian advantage. So there are good reasons for reproduction to be nonsexual: it can be made private, direct, safe, energetically cheap, and selfish. Why, then has sex evolved?

The principal answer is that sex creates diversity”




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