Three reasons to love Vlerick

I already mentioned about networking oppurtunities in vlerick. This indeed is one of the highlights of this MBA. Since the time I blogged about networking, I have had the chance to have a one to one conversation over dinner with the cheif economist of the one of Belgium’s largest banks and with the CEO of a large consulting firm and as I have become closer to students in class, I have come to realise that most of them have something unique to offer.


Here are the other two reasons (I’m only writing about reasons that aren’t obvious.. the obvious once are a good faculty and course material etc).

If Vlerick school were a man, he would be the best listener in the world. Every feedback the students provide are considered and acted upon. There were many instances when students themselves forgot about the request they made and only later realised that the request was made becuase the school already took action! Excuse my lack of imagination today, but its like you married a super model and jokingly told her that she has put on some weight and you already notice she is running an extra mile everyday : )

The other reason is intimacy. During holidays, my classmate and I decided to watch 30 hours of lectures on an open course ware. Since these were holidays, we weren’t able to gather more students to join us. We ofcourse had the option to stream them LEGALLY through our laptops. But we thought, the expereince would be better if we used the auditorium. Guess what! One email is all it took to book the auditorium for two students! I’m not sure if this happens in other schools, but I would doubt it. This is just one example apart from the fact that the faculty and administration knows each and every student in the class including probably each students strengths and weeknesses!


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