Life changing experience?


Just before we went off for Christmas vacation, one of my classmates asked how we have changed since the time the MBA began? The more I pondered over the question, I must admit, the more I grew anxious. Its not nice to realize that we have not changed at all during a year that is supposed to be “life changing”!

But then, there is difference between “no changes” and “unnoticed changes”. I noticed a few today! One of my complaints at the beginning of the year was that students expected MBA would provide ready-made business solutions on a platter.. now, I notice we emphasize more on application of knowledge to find our own answers rather than expect ready-made solutions. I’ve also noticed a few students have grown in confidence during class discussion and presentations.

But what amazes me most is what has not changed. There are hardly any two consecutive days when I have lunch with the same person. Anybody who knows any group of 45 individuals knows this is not normal. Its not normal that we still remain as one single group of 45 students : )


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