Business Plans


I’m blogging as I sit here in class watching one presentation after another about 9 different business plans. We are 6 down, 3 more to go. If I’m to believe my classmates, the markets for premium (expensive) teas, industrial movies, tax consulting, healthy (expensive) organic food and employment (oh, actually cross-border employment) and green electronic locks are all growing and growing exponentially!

Somehow, financial times does not seem to share the same opinion…. well, what do they know, MBA students have access to special sources. Only those who have sharp eyesight to spot the sources (typed in times new roman 8 pt in ppt) projected 12 feet away can understand the secrets. One such sources reads something like “E&Y economic outlook for 2007”…. lol. I can already foresee the miserable average class score for this course :)


One thought on “Business Plans

  1. As always Ashwin, you have capture the essence of the class with humour and brutal honesty :-) love it! I am a fan forever

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