Closed Mind


I have always believed that “closed mind” is an attitude and that a person with a closed mind will never be able to receive new insights. Conversely, a person with open mind will always be receptive to new perspectives and knowledge. As will many others, I have considered myself an “open” person. But then, recently, I caught myself refusing to accept anything that we learn in innovation management course. Here’s why I believe I was so extra-ordinarily close-minded.

As we began the course, my expectation from innovation management was very clear… it would be an extension of Larry Keeley’s speech in HP. He spoke about Innovating with curiosity, confidence and courage. It was one of the truly insightful speeches I had heard about creativity and innovation (so much so that I would love to work for his organisation). I came into the class with a huge baggage of what I want to learn… but then, the objective of the course was not to merely explain the process of innovation, but instead the course was more holistic including insights about disciplinary roots of technology and innovation management, Innovation strategy, managing innovative operations and managing innovative professionals. What I was hoping to learn (with great enthusiasm) was not what was taught during the first three sessions (disciplinary roots of innovation), hence the close-mindedness!

I’m now sitting here trying to crack a case for innovation management course and I can tell this is the best case I’ve worked on this whole year and the course is one of the best… How wrong I was about managing innovation?! I’m glad to have caught myself quickly enough…


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