EU too Socialist to live in?

 I’m going to take the liberty and meander around in this post…

Vyacheslav Nikonov is the grandson of Stalin’s foreign minister. In a recent financial times article he said:

“The EU is too socialist – some even say communist: too much regulation, too many welfare programmes, and too high taxes”. 

It is true. A European career does not provide a better incentive either in financial terms or in terms of career progress when compared to Bangalore unless you work at an investment bank in Zurich… oh by the way… are there any investment banks left :). What then is the reason to seek a career in Europe.. I guess it has more to do with socialism than to do with the career. It is to do with freedom.european_unionjpg

On the night of 30th December 2008, my classmate and I were on Skype and were discussing how to spend the New Year’s Eve. We decided at 11 PM in the night that we should drive through Belgium into Germany, cross Germany into Czech and spend the New Year in Prague. From there, time permitting, we should also drive to Slovakia and then back to Belgium. 8 hours later, we drove to Prague and made the plan happen! Here are few snaps. We didn’t have to think about borders, directions, accommodation, safety or currency… it was just as easy as driving to the next town. I could never imagine doing this back home. Freedom and happiness are more precious than money. 

However, I spoke to my classmate who has travelled all over the world during his life. He said, the one thing you miss if you relocate often is real friends. It takes about two years to make friends you can trust. If you keep relocating… having a good friendship is just not feasible.


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