Strategic Strategy Plan!


“Strategic” must be the most misunderstood adjective in business english. I’ve heard terms like Strategic organization, Strategic growth plan, Strategic agency which are ambiguous enough. Last week, I heard the term Strategic Strategy plan. It pretty much confirmed my suspicion. Few understand what strategy means. I guess everyone understands it only intuitively like my mom does :)

Often, Strategic is used as a decorative word to make meaningless plans sound important. As soon as we ask what is the plan strategic for? Few seem to have a clue. Strategic growth plan to grow?! There is a difference between a Strategic plan to grow and Strategic growth plan.

The golden words uttered when describing career ambitions are “I want to do something with strategy and business development”. Implementation is a taboo term when talking about future careers. I wonder why implementation cannot be strategic to a company and I wonder what “do something with strategy” means :)


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