School evaluation!

Program management meeting is when the school receives feedback from students. Its the time for surprises, not just for the school, but for me (us?) too! I never imagined that the morale of some students was low. But this is the feedback provided today. Some said they were in a negative state of mind!

The logical inference may be that the school has not met students’ expectation. But is this the final conclusion? A quick look at the reasons why students have a negative morale might help. The top reasons were lack of transparency in scoring student class participation, requirement that students must accumulate at least 90% attendance, “feeling” that few courses were irrelevant for some and tiredness due to heavy workload.


Granted that lack of transparency in scoring class participation is indeed an issue, however, none of the student mentioned that the lack of adequate feedback on the exam papers as an issue. Quite frankly, the latter is a bigger issue because without adequate feedback, our learning from the course diminishes. We have no clue what we did wrong with the paper assignment or examination (Although we have open access to the professors anytime to request feedback). Any case, my guess is that it was not mentioned because the scoring seems objective for paper assignments unlike for class participation which seems to be based on the professor’s qualitative judgement. The rest of the reasons in my opinion were unfair.

Is it too much to ask from students to attend 90% of classes or is it fair to say that courses are irrelevant without going through the assigned reading or cases… Nevertheless, it shows how complicated achieving customer satisfaction can be :) A business school could offer all the nice courses and once that need is met, students’ basic expectation turns to receiving high scores :)


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