To cut or not cut hair!


MBA is like level 1 of a video game. All that is expected is that you swing the sword and all demons are killed. Not the same in level two… you need real skill. As soon we get into the real world, its no more about hypothetical cases… it’s all real. 

The billion dollar is not a print on the HBS case study, its real cash in bank; the indicator of risk is not a beta score, it’s about whether the last name of the CEO is Buffet or Madoff; Your understanding of CSR is not based on how much you paraphrase a fortune 500 company CSR report, it’s based on your choice between making a 30 million dollar sale or topping your competitor’s “gift” to the client’s procurement manager by 3000 dollars. It’s not about the constraints that are plugged into the linear model to optimize the supply chain; it’s about constraints that are not plugged in it. Decision making in real world is a “different ball game” compared to MBA. And yet, it’s easy to fall into the trap of “if I’m an MBA… I can automatically improve the bottom line number by 30%”.

My dilemma with decision making is rather trivial… it’s about whether or not to cut my hair :) After seven years of frequent hair cutting, I finally have had the chance to let it grow wild, since I don’t need to meet clients and I’m just a student! But now, it’s time for interviews. Every course about interviewing etiquette, leadership (concept of staging), negotiation and simple logic leads to the conclusion that I must cut hair and yet the idea that my near and dear ones will have a nice laugh when they see me with long hair seems to be the constraint that I’m unable to overcome :)


One thought on “To cut or not cut hair!

  1. Dear Ashwin,
    I am very curious to see what you look like with long hair, I only know you with short.. Sounds like Leuven is keeping you busy !!!
    Warm regards out of Utrecht

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