Routine is not boring


As I walk to school every morning, two thoughts constantly cross my mind. The first is about how incredibly lucky I am (I don’t mean to be sloppy soulful, I’m indeed lucky) and how it’s scary that this place feels like home now! The air is cold but not unusually cold; the streets are clean, not unusually clean.

I also realised that in the past 2-3 months, all that I have done is take the same walk everyday and do that same thing… i.e. learn. It’s the same routine and yet it is not boring. I feel no need to do something out of the routine. It’s as if I don’t even notice this routine. This is strange compared to how I felt when I was working. The routine was staring at me every day. It was a constant desire to do something different (that explains the crazy music scores, online chess and photography). I wonder why?

Come to think of it, I choose to learn and therefore I go to school in the morning. It’s something I look forward to out of choice. In going to school, it’s my objective which is first served. Whereas I must earn money to live and therefore I had no choice but to go to work, in going to work, I must first satisfy the objective of my firm and then serve my own objective. It’s a variation to the classical principle-agent problem :) I guess that is the main difference.

Last week, our program director, when talking about our forthcoming international study trip, said “life becomes boring if you have nothing to look forward to”. It’s very true! Except that life becomes boring if you have nothing to look forward the next morning! This does have a profound impact on how one chooses his career path. You can either choose a career which will afford you a vacation in Trinidad at the end of the year, which means you have something to look forward to at the end of the year or you can choose a career which lets you learn everyday and that means you have something to lookforward to every morning!

Warren Buffett said postponing the pursuit of your dream job in order to pursue a high paying job is like saving sex for your later life :)


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