Money and MBA

In the past, I, like many others I pressume, was confused about the philosophy of money. How much should I desire? How much do I need to be happy? What is OK to sacrifice for it? How wonderful it would be if only we didn’t care about it so much? and most importantly what is the point of being rich? I have desired, lusted for, loved, hated and respected money for what it did for me.


MBA has an effect on this perception of Money. It does not equate to the big house, nice car or expensive clothes anymore. It’s not about how much it lets us consume… Instead, it is an indicator of how much value is added. Yes! this is really philosophical now :) From “what is the point of earning more”, my attitude has changed to “earningĀ more means doing more good to the society”. But then, not everyone earns money for being useful or even precious, e.g. my mom. Parenting, just like world at large, is a distorted market. so, the most important role of theĀ government is to create a free undistorted market.

Most quotes I’ve heard about money have a negative connotation like “Money talks”, “Cash is King” or “Money spins the world”… I must admit, MBA has led me to respect money in a profound way like never before :) I dont desire it any less or more than before, dont lust for it any less more, but I feel that way in, I beleive, the right context. The respect for money is not because of what it can do for me… it is rather because of what it can do for everyone… for the world.


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