What is your weakness?

I wonder if the question about “tell me something about your weakness” tests a candidate’s self awareness or creativity. The reply to such question only needs to follow a standard formula… identify areas which you have improved most in the recent past (even if it’s not a weakness that is improved upon) and basically turn the story around to say that X was the weakness and with steps A,B and C, you have now improved. 


Shows great self awareness, initiative and openness to change and of course achievement (in actually changing). But this reply borders on dishonesty.

MBA is supposed to be the year when we learn about ourselves. I can now confess that this is absolutely true and I have identified two distinctive established patterns in my behaviour which are the main weaknesses in me. I will dedicate the next two posts to describing them in detail and with all honesty!


One thought on “What is your weakness?

  1. procrastination.
    i am the epitome of “well, i have x amount of days to do this.”
    then i find myself, the night beforehand, rushing to complete whatever task i have put off until that moment.

    but i believe my true weakness is living for the moment.
    i have just recently come to terms with the fact that i:
    a) do not plan ahead.
    b) do not consider consequences.
    c) am often so concerned with the current situation, that i become engulfed in a whirlwind of splitsecond decisions.

    just some food for thought.

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