modern-firmYesterday night, I had big fight with my friend (I tried my absolutely best to apply the Empathy – Positivism – Organizing, EPO formula. Absolutely did not work. Usually, the prerequisite for EPO to work is that the other party is not tunnel hearing… lol) It was frustrating and the mood spilled over to today when I woke up. I decided I must do something fun to get my mind off yesterday. I had little hope when I woke up that this day will be fun. But, I did do something different and it completely took my mind off yesterday… in fact, I am feeling pretty happy right now… That’s the good part.

The freaky part is what I did for fun. I read chapter three of “The modern firm” by John Roberts while listening to my iPod and sitting under a tree in a park next to the river with swans, pigeons and lots of people enjoying the sun and it was the book which did the trick!

The chapter answered the most basic question about why firms exist. It is the kind of chapter which questions the most basic assumptions and brings new perspective, the kind I love. As I read the book, it was interesting to begin wondering why people are here savouring sunshine instead of doing something more productive. What is their motivation and their pay off :)

Oh god, I hope this is not the sign of things to come… where I begin to see everything in world about why we sit, party, eat, love and do whatever we do from the POV of opportunity cost, equilibrium price, co-ordination and property rights. Takes the whole romance out of life…  lol.

So far, this is turning out to an interesting “vacation”.


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