Back home

It feels strange to be back at home in Leuven after just 10 days of vacation in Poland. I’m left here wishing that there was a park in front of my studio; a fountain in that park and kids playing in the fountain while I listen to music and read a book in the balcony just like it was in Poland. It has also gotten me thinking about how I’ll feel when I go back to my real home in Bangalore after 1 year in Belgium! Here’s how the first 24 hours will be – I think!

The post is extra ordinarily long that I posted it in a new page called THE FIRST 24 HOURS. The post is so long (4000 words) that the only rational explanation is that I probably went manic today from the long travel:) It turned out to be more of a short story rather than a mere post… well, sometimes, it is good to be creative.


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