How to name it

I came across this instrumental song from 1986 by Ilayaraja who ruled music scene in southern India for over two decades. The problem with piracy is that the original recording company’s private property right has all but disappeared in the practical sense, which makes it extremely hard to turn a profit out of this product… however, this must also be one of the biggest marketing disasters… Just the fact that I remember from when I was 9 years old that parts of this album was distributed free of cost since it was used to fill up the tape (The tape technology meant that there was always some space to be filled on one of the sides) is proof of the music’s quality. Most parts of album were used as back ground score in movies and I guess music did earn money in the sense that it increased ticket sales.

But still, what an opportunity missed. I can imagine that even today, if marketed well, the distributor can still make millions with this album because nobody really knew that something like this existed… the album is called “How to name it”… I know how… Gold mine!

Its might belong to the long tail in most parts of the world… but its certainly in the head of the tail in India (especially south)!!


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