Resting place

I happen to pass by a graveyard during the train journey to the office (Yes, the in-company project is in full swing)… today I noticed tracks of lawn mower in the graveyard and thought “If it were not for the tombstones, this place would look exactly like a park!” It’s so very well taken care off as opposed to graveyards in India which are at best dilapidated…

Come to think of it, Neither family ties nor economics explain this strange phenomenon because, if generalised, Indians are supposed to be far more closer to their elders compared to Europeans and yet it’s the Europeans who seem to show more respect to the resting place… economics wouldn’t explain it either because I doubt if the survivors of the family in either continent have to make a contribution to the maintenance of graveyards… It couldn’t be religion either because both Indians and Europeans believe in reincarnation… So, I wondered why it was that the graveyard here seems like a much better resting place than in India… and then I remembered hearing that there were many deaths in Leuven during WWII. Could that be the reason? it doesn’t seem like this is the graveyard for soldiers because there are no flags or other national symbolic signs… so it must be normal citizens who were killed during the war. I wonder if there is any nobility in defenceless death; in being murdered. Could it be because citizens feel that those who departed deserved a better end to their lives! Could it be our way of offering a consolation for their unfortunate departure… Well, the last thing somebody would want after they pass away is pity. 


Any case, for all that I wonder, it could just be a case that the graveyard happens to be in the middle of the town and the municipal board feels the need to maintain it well to protect the decor of the city and keep criminals away.

I do wonder however, if knowing how you will be rested and treated after life will affect how you live life itself! If so, imagine the pressure an Egyptian pharaoh would feel to live a life that would be deserving of a pyramid at the end of it!! I wonder if the pharaoh’s life would be fun at all :)


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