Last Wednesday, after finding out that the office will be closed until Monday, I decided that I must do something adventurous… I decided a really long drive would be fun. I met my classmates in Leuven at 11 PM on Wednesday and persuaded them to drive to Bratislava. 9 hours later, on Thursday morning at 830 AM, we hit the road… By Sunday Midnight, we had travelled nearly 3000 Kms: to and back from Slovakia! Slovakia is a beautiful country, but I will remember this trip for the sheer audacity of deciding to travel so far without informing anyone and without worrying about “what if” and thinking about “can we”… the attitude was “lets do it”…

It’s the kind of trip on which you realise just how precious freedom is… I’ll be absolutely proud of this trip when I cannot afford to do it anymore…  It’s also no coincidence that this trip happened just a few weeks before we graduate… such company of friends who are open for adventure and who see unlimited possibilities is not something we find in office or among family… if we do, we are very lucky! By the way, I was lucky also because I met an amazingly kind person!! It was a chance meeting and a fascinating one… its truly amazing how life throws surprises each time we ask for one… all that we need to do is ask :)

Here are some snaps from the trip…

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