Opportunity cost

Its Friday and Its a silly post :)

oppurtunity costRecently, during lunch… I told my colleague that everything in life can be explained by economics :) I could tell she did not agree with it… or at the very least she thought I’d gone crazy… I’ve wondered if I truly meant it or if I was only exaggerating… I’m beginning to realize that I meant it :) Here’s an example of how much in life can be explained by economics.

Death! why do we fear dying? We don’t fear it for what will happen after death because clearly after death, nothing happens or can happen.¬†OK, a religious person would believe he/she will reach heaven which is not a reason to be fearful of. I doubt anybody truly believes they will reach hell because we all have moral justification for everything we do :)

So why then do we fear dying? Economics can explain it… The reason we fear dying is the “opportunity cost” of being dead… the opportunity cost is everything we could have done by being alive instead of being dead :)


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