Final Posts: 3 of 3 (Three Truths)

Lately, my posts have been painfully long. Therefore I’ll keep the final post short, very short :) I’d like to share three truths I learn from this year.

  1. Management is an art;
  2. The most important life skill is the ability to ask right questions; and
  3. Business is a moral activity.

I’ve loved sharing my thoughts. Next Month, I’ll move to a new address: Cheers & Thank you!


One thought on “Final Posts: 3 of 3 (Three Truths)

  1. Ashwin,

    It has been a great honour to study with you and get to know you.
    This blog has been a very nice project, and it was great to realize and confirm for oneself that every person is a universe, a mirror or a book.

    Please keep sharing your emotional experience, Ashwin. It is an interesting journey in personal development, and it gives a lot of food for brain.

    Take care and best wishes!

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