Good Morning

The violence of the first morning hour is incomparable to any other during the day. The chain of events unleashed upon the scream of tiny little time keeping device is catastrophic to say the least. A mere flutter of eyelids seems to enrage the stillness of early hours and administer such shuddering shock through warm blankets that notorious mind bending negotiators are immediately summoned to convince my rather helpless rational brain to get back to sleep. It’s a negotiation that I don’t look forward to. It’s a negotiation that I invariable cede to.

The clock which, with its two needles sprinting at different speeds, appears to have settled upon a life long mission of reminding all who glace at it about their rapid approach to end is a rather tragic tale of human folly. Even more so, the alarm clock is an invention determinedly conspired by the devil. No benevolent force of nature could wrap the noise of an atomic weapon into such a tiny and innocent looking device.

While nature programmed our brain to determine the dawn of day, humans had to unnecessarily wonder, ponder, question, probe and foolishly conclude upon a device which, instead of the sun and wind, is bestowed with the privilege of ordering termination of my dreams in the dark, cold winter morning. The sheer horror of having to severe myself from the bed is only comparable to the brave gentleman, Aaron Ralston, having had to severe his arm from the boulder that trapped him in the deepest canyon. His successful endeavor led him to freedom from the heartless rock; my endeavor leads to the cessation of my freedom to the heartless corporate world.

First Light


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