Routine Life

“The less routine, The more life”
– Amos Bronson Alcott


Hypocritical is how human bragging about their patented right to wisdom must be described as, if discourse about a particularly contemptible aspect of life is continuously, and inconspicuously, avoided; an aspect which pits human existence squarely in resemblance to other “lesser” species. This life aspect is its extraordinarily pervasive, yet agonizingly contemptible and bland Routine. It’s epidemic so severe that it renders our species, sadly but fittingly, as mere creatures of routine.

That our thinkers consider a bland routine life despicable is abundantly evident by the sheer semantics employed into the vocabulary of this important life issue. Seldom do we hear the problem described simply as  “routine in life sucks”; instead a much more ambiguous “meaningless life is a bummer” is preferred to describe this important problem. Don’t we deserve a more straight forward “matter of fact” conversation about this humiliating condition? Shockingly, as long as others live by the same rule, our species, it turns out, has become easily agreeable to the idea of living life in a time looped boring pattern, no less obliging than a vintage wall clock.

Consider this if you will; on any weeknight, spending hours watching the aptly christened idiot box, fascinatingly meaningless and uninteresting at the same time, isn’t for many among our species, an especially undesirable choice of “activity”. Unless of course it happens to be New Year’s eve or any similar evening in general with a faint promise of fun. Why is this so? Two plausible explanations. One. While there probably isn’t anything better that our pre frontal cortex conjures up to do on a usual weeknight except to stare into a light beaming rectangular hole, it does, thankfully, find the opportunity cost of spending an idle evening enormous on December Thirty One – its loads of fun. Two. Imagine the embarrassment of confessing to have spent New Year’s Eve on your couch! The worthiness of this second hypothesis for consideration should, in and of itself, make us shrug shamefully.

That, compared to illness and poverty, our species attributes an identical attitude toward routine is clear. Routine, illness and poverty are unnoticeable when they are uniformly suffered by most if not all. Thanks however to the magical virtual world (some I’m given to understand  prefer to address it’s highness as “social network”) and tunnel communication in it, everybody claims to be super humanly immune to routine. The illusion of acquaintances in perpetual vacations, great jobs, wonderful relationships and generally living incredibly, if not impossibly, passionate and fulfilling lives, it turns out, is tailor made for routine to pop out, underline and emphasize itself in our own, comparatively, lowly existence. Interestingly though (and I mean it sarcastically), this passion in virtual world tends to be disproportionately lacking in lives lived in three dimensional world.Enough said.


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