Meeting Etiquette

Contrary to what many believe, conference meetings are an important part of corporate culture where employees sit together on a common platform, exchange their views and opinions and do their best to come out of it with as few “actions points” assigned to them as possible. For this reason alone, active listening is considered by many as an extremely important skill required not only to hear but also to perceive when an action item might be hurtling your way and deflect it toward an unsuspecting participant.

If for any unbeknownst to lord reason, you believe that no preparation or research is warranted to understand the purpose of meetings before reaching the conference rooms, you are sadly and absolutely right. Meetings might be held for various important purposes like “meeting”, “updating”, “presenting”, “debriefing”, day dreaming, cat napping etc.. however the most important purpose is for the presenter to demonstrate immaculate overhead projector operating skills and excellent eyesight by reciting seventy six slides with a deep conviction that nobody except him can see or read its mysterious Latin script. On the brighter side, he will only need half as much time to get through his slides as you would need to, let’s say, learn Swahili.


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