Salary Man

Empathy, out does it turn,
Isn’t a behavior uniquely human.
Chimps and Apes empathize, Whales do too,
Empathize does what else, knows who?

But unique man is, in a degree,
of his concern not only with his species,
but with kinds other, of this earth,
with characters fictional, and art abstract by birth .

So, barely astonishing it is,
that empathize I do, with worker in office.
Grasp do I this Salary Man’s inner strife,
For allegedly absent, is high purpose from his life.

His office demands, some suggest, are understandable,
Because sacrifices they are, as such, totally reasonable.
Like forfeiture uncontested, of every waking hour,
Cessation absolute of family time, like existed they never,
Surrender undisputed, of right to original thought,
And devotion of his entire life. Is that asking for a lot?

What I don’t feel however,
Is sympathy for this loser.
Yes sir – not a grain of sympathy,
Why you ask, deserves it not. Does he?

Because fathom does he not, in zone of his comfort,
How miniscule and rather insignificant his effort,
Contributes to make world, apparently a place “richer”;
Discern how does a fool not, this “big picture”?

Must not feel, should this man confused,
That by none a noteworthy purpose, is his life infused.
Instead, in my informed and unbiased an opinion,
Absolutely and emphatically about it, must he be certain.


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