Here you are, you have now arrived; quite undeniably so. You still were making your mind up, not so long ago. You’ll be glad to hear, your return has eagerly been awaited just like before. So, Hello!

Now that you are here, you are welcome to stay for as long as you may. Wait. It is strange it must be said. Why is talk about you considered a cliché? even though so intensely for you, did we long await; I’ll concede, savories you bring with, are hard not to appreciate. But again, let me be straight; I’m not entirely convinced if you are all that great.

Yeah, I catch myself whiles gazing at cherry blossom. Not sure because its new or because its awesome. Sure, as soft warm sun caresses my skin, I wonder how long it has last since been. But again, let me come clean, cherry blossoms and warm sun aren’t entirely unforeseen.

So, here I am. Scrawling through this miserably inadequate verse; An aspiring, yet dreadfully incomplete romanticist; And what I’m good at is only just short of a curse; Because all I am is a good business analyst.


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