How unfortunate that entire generations have uncannily been coerced into ignorance that icon-clicking is synonymous to sharing as if it were an altruistic act, a thoughtful act or, for that matter, an act at all.

Call it “republish”, Call it “seek attention to self”, call it ” add to clutter” or call it whatever you may please, but “Share” isn’t one among many uninspired labels this annoying ubiquitous icon deserves.

Consider for a moment the sorry plight of this once benevolent English word which, during its glorious past, meant “to use, to participate, to enjoy or to receive jointly”. It has since descended unceremoniously to also come to mean “to give specific users access to online content, as by posting it on a social-networking website or sending it as an email attachment”. It’s decent entirely to the credit of dastardly marketing geniuses at Messrs.’ “I’ll care not mention who”.

Before you Kony up its relevance or Arab spring its impact, do ponder over, if you will oh dear armchair clictivist, how joys of sharing life’s tenderness has changed. There was a time when people, I suspect, made pictures of their child’s first smile, a family vacation or a graduation party only to share it later and recall how happy they were, how excited or how fulfilling that time was. Today parents chance upon their child’s first smile – an amazing moment of establishing emotional contact – and, I’m certain, run for mobile phone in anticipation of how satisfying it will be when the “shared” photo is liked by thirty nine “friends” or, even better, receives unimpeachably heartfelt comments like “cute!”


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