Despair for others is despicable not only for how it feels but also for how it defeats, eventually, our entire faculties to feel. It convicts us to an existence as, natural since it is to us, creatures of routine – plush sleep, delicious food, soothing weekends and annual vacations – all in spite of and amidst humiliatingly sharp awareness of present, continuous and intolerable suffering by countless victims. Victims whose innocence proves itself by their mere mention – murdered toddlers, en masse kidnapped school girls, beheaded journalists, shelled weddings, gassed villages, starved nations and several more among a depressive unending list.

Perhaps, to say this world is now going to hell might offer solace in that it indicates an opportunity to salvage ourselves before its too late. Grievously though, in reconsideration, it is an opinion uninformed by history, both recent and long past. The world has been, for many, a hell hole for far longer than we want to admit. How then, if at all, are we to make sense of good fortune, freedom and peace while surrounded by such dreadful agony.

Should we impotently reason away this human propensity to inflict suffering as merely second nature to us? should we pray on behalf of victims to a god, who likely is the one in whose name the said victims suffer? should we absurdly resolve to end this evidently unsolvable misery? or should we shamelessly be gratuitous for good fortune and publish a fucking blog post? Irrespective of the choice, indignation at self is, as must be, unavoidable. Guilt is, as must be, guaranteed.

There is however one sure course, one which televisions and radios are all too familiar with, to live uninterrupted by uncomfortable moral dilemmas – ignorance! It’s no surprise cat videos and makeup tutorials are watched far more exponential often, and usually, instead of reports from far away lands about human suffering. It isn’t for nothing that ignorance is claimed blissful. Nobody ever claimed “better despair than ignore”.

Oh such terrible corrupted bliss, such despicable despair. Makes you wonder whether it’s really such a loss if a comet is hurtling this way.


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