Life is a naughty little brat. Take eyes off it briefly and it sneaks tiny precious moments in and out in a blink. I caught it in its act today.

A faint supple squeak made contact with my hearing. I was too snoozy to barter scarce sleep for amusing inspection. Then a squeak again! I jumped out of bed like a kangaroo. Surely it must be important if it’s heard twice.

There he was, smiling straight into my eyes sans a wink and a “got you”. A moment is all I needed to grasp that my slumber had been victimized by a two and half month old human. Only half a moment happened though before my face blushed on its own and my lips said “good morning” – I recall on its own as well. This tiny gentleman for his response cheekily stuck his tongue out – and greeted with a wide smile. Again! and we traded good mornings and wide smiles a few times over and then… over and over again.

I have consumed many joys in life – few I recollect as unremarkable as this moment. None I recollect as unadulterated. This person, who I have had the pleasure to have been woken up by is the best person I have met. This isn’t a romantic thought – it is a supremely well thought through admission. He may or might not be the best person to wake me up some day in future – but the person he today is, is. To resolve why so is to render words redundant. So lets let it be.

What struck me later was how little this joy lingered through the day until it returned to memory in the evening. It was not for lack of  its delight, rather for my minds occupation with my daytime occupation. I was all too absorbed by deadlines and abundant conference calls. So absorbed that my morning glee all but jumped off the cliff into the ocean of forgotten moments. I’m glad it didn’t. I’m glad it returned to ever so gently inform me how life’s passage is unremarkable – sneaking tiny precious moments in and out in a blink. Life is a naughty little brat.


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