If craft reduces original art to algorithm, and if technology reproduces everything described as an algorithm, then no other art form has been devoured and taken hostage to technology as much as music. It’s no coincidence toddlers can tell between music genres which follow a pattern as predictable as Japanese speed trains.

For heaven’s sake, “musicians” hardly hide the lack of originality – what with calling their “compositions” remixes. What can one say to that – “kudos to your honesty”? Must we then lament that most if not all popular music is an aftermath of teenagers fiddling digital knobs on iMac rather than musicians interacting with occasional melody or rhythm? Perhaps not.

Music attains, and some times hustles, value from how a listener responds to it irrespective of whether it’s genesis is it’s creators deep passion or plain mundane craft. Its evident electronic music creates unmatched euphoria and it counts for a lot of what music must do.

But, lament we should, oh lament we must for the ravishing remix of a transcending melody which must never be allowed reinterpretion into a 128bpm “track”. While wonderful, even novel, some melodies are better left untouched than be remixed by Mozart.

The post music first appeared on honestrooster.


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