About the blog

Here you can read about my year at Vlerick Business School in 2008 and what has occupied my mind after graduation.

Time flew at speed of knots during my MBA year. Vlerick MBA began on 20th August 2008. I juggled classes with group assignments, making new friends, “settling down”, networking and fun evenings (fun included cooking too) for a month. Time literally shrank when I did so much every day. It was truly scary. I could foresee the day when I tell myself “Wow, its already graduation day!”. I needed to find a way to expand time. Blogging is how I did it.

I wrote “MBA is supposed to be the year for self reflection and to understand myself better. But then, time is moving so quickly that I can easily overlook how much I am changing as a person, self reflection is a luxury. Looking back at the past month, I realize that I’m changing. Fortunately, for the better”. As I read this blog several years later, I realized that self-reflection is still a luxury and I’m still changing and I still need to find a way to expand time. Blogging is how I plan to do it – so here we go again!


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