Role Models

It’s interesting to publish a role-models page… it means that I acknowledge someone as my role model and also tell the world about it. The risk with announcing role models is that people might associate you with the negatives of the role-model rather than to seek to know why they inspire you. After all, it’s far easier to spot negatives, rather than appreciate positives. In limiting the number of role-models, It also exposes how little I know about truly great personalities in the world. Nevertheless, I’ve decided to post this page. If I look up to them, I should have little trouble explaining my choice… So, here they are…




Hollywood artist
Innumerable have performed better
Many are admired as much as he is
Few have aged as gracefully
Nobody I know has improved as continuously and as long as he has… not even Intel chips




Innumerable have scored better music
Many share his musical genius
Few have set new standards to music like he has
Nobody I know has collaborated and innovated as consistently and frequently as he has… Not even Windows or Mac




Innumerable share his business acumen
Many have been as successful as he is
Few understand commerce’s purpose like he does
Nobody I know has practiced pragmatism in business like he has… he is unparallel



One thought on “Role Models

  1. If you would replace A R Rahman with Hans Zimmer, you would be looking at my “Role Models” :). Of course, I’d have to add my all time favorite footballer to the list but this list more or less matches mine :). Please keep your blog rolling, I am one of the many “mute” readers around who might not comment on the blog but check it religiously (every week atleast) to get an insight about Vlerick from the eyes of an Indian.



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